Generate Heatmap

What is Strava Heatmap Generator?

Do you use the Cartograph Maps app and want to overlay Strava Heatmap on a vector or online map?

Use the Generate Heatmap function to download a file that you can directly open in Cartograph Maps and obtain four Strava Heatmaps:

  • Strava Heatmap (all): shows the data of all the activities uploaded on Strava
  • Strava Heatmap (ride): shows the data of ride activites
  • Strava Heatmap (run): shows the data of running and hiking activities
  • Strava Heatmap (winter): shows the data of winter activities such as skiing and snowshoeing

What is Cartograph Maps?

Cartograph Maps is an app to view offline and online maps on various devices. The app has many features for outdoor activities and is available for iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows.

What is Strava Heatmap?

Strava Heatmap is a graphical representation of activity data such as running, cycling, and other sports activities uploaded by users, showing the frequency with which various routes have been followed.

Why use Strava Heatmap?

The data displayed in Strava Heatmap are extremely useful for exploring mountains and discovering new trails.

By overlaying Strava Heatmap on a map like OpenStreetMap, OpenTopoMap, or OpenAndroMaps, you can identify routes not yet indicated on those maps or understand that some mapped trails are not frequented and may no longer be passable.